How much can I customize my home – can I move walls and add a second floor, for example? Yes, with an IRC Modular, you can. Manufactured HUD or mobile homes, you can move walls, but not add a 2nd floor.

How long does the process for getting my new home after my plans are finalized? Usually 2 months, unless there are special circumstances.

Can I make my new home handicapped accessible or to ensure that I can “age in place”? Yes - there are handicap options and plans can be modified to accommodate some accessibility issues. We can figure ramps into the project and the factory is flexible about alot of things.

Can I customize exteriors? Like, add a front porch? Yes, covered porches, attached garages, etc. can be added to most homes, especially an IRC Modular. We can add brackets, corbels and other decorative features to most modular homes.

My home was recently destroyed by flooding. Does it make sense to replace it with a Factory Direct Housing home? Depending on whether the flood plain has changed based on the flooding, we may be able to place a new home very near the location of the original home. We can replace your home much more quickly than most site built homes can be constructed and the quality of the construction would be very similar.

I love bay windows – can I add one or two? We have bay windows and box windows. Either or both can be added in almost any location on your home.

Does the pricing include air conditioning and heating units? A furnace is included in the base price of a home. It is air conditioning capable - we would just need to price in a compressor to be installed outside and connected to the standard unit inside the home.

What is the difference in pricing per square foot compared to a “stick built” home? Most banks figure about $120 per square foot now to build a stick built home (minimum). An IRC Modular home is considered the same as a stick built home by the banks - the financing is the same and appraisals only use comparables based on stick built home sales. An IRC Modular will run about $70 per square foot, base price. If you add a lot of nice options, it might run about $80 per square foot.